Terms and Conditions



The following provisions govern the general conditions of transport between the User and SKY COURIER INTERNATIONAL S.R.L., hereinafter known as SkyBox, the scope on it, its agents and officials, as well as the obligations and responsibilities of each party:

1 - The service consists of receiving correspondence and/or merchandise, sorting it, transporting it to the country of destination and delivering it to the address indicated by the User, at the frequency agreed upon in the Subscription Form.

2 - The user authorizes SkyBox to charge your Credit Card or any other means of payment accepted, all fees generated by the service, such as the annual subscription, the annual automatic subscription renewal, special deliveries, etc. as well as transported weight charges in accordance with the applicable fees. The User shall be responsible for all charges mentioned and the additional charges established or to be established shall and, according to the User’s instructions, will be charged to a credit card or settled by any other means of payment.

3 - For the transport of mail and/or merchandise through this service, the following criteria for Dimensional Weight shall be applied according to the regulations set by IATA in those cases in which the actual weight of the shipment is less than the result of multiplying the height by the width by the depth of the package in inches, divided by 166.

4 – Any loss or damage that the products may sustain will not become the responsibility of SkyBox, or its agents and/or officials. In case of any liability, it shall be limited to the value stated and subject to that established in clause 11 of the General Conditions of Transport.

5 - SkyBox reserves the right to refuse the transport of correspondence and/or merchandise of any kind to any person, firm or company at its sole discretion. Only documents and shipments that comply with that stipulated in international postal agreements, the General Conditions of Transport and in national or international law applicable to the case shall be transported.

6 - SkyBox will not transport perishable materials, nor those that are hazardous, could cause damage, are combustible or contain alcohol (perfumes, colognes, creams, emulsions, etc.); explosives (air or compressed gas sprays), gold or silver in bars; dust or any other form of semi-precious materials, precious or semi-precious stones, including commercial carbon and diamonds, cash (bills and coins) of any nationality, documents and securities, stocks, bonds, certificates, coupons, uncancelled postage stamps, war bonds or international organization bonds, bearer checks, blank or endorsed, travelers checks; antiques and paintings; organic materials and plants; perishable foods, ammunition, any type of weapon; snuff pornography, corrosive chemicals, liquids in general. The above list is not exhaustive and SkyBox may refuse at its sole discretion the transport of any shipment.

7 - In the event that any shipment was delivered containing documents, merchandise and/or materials not concerning SkyBox’s transport, the User is obliged to bear all expenses for the damages and prejudices incurred in addition to those arising from any claim or public or private sanction that may result from this fact. Likewise, SkyBox is entitled to immediately abandon the transport of a shipment upon becoming aware that it violates these terms and/or national regulations or international law, without any liability for its total or partial loss or damage.

8 - The User shall be responsible for losses, damages and/or expenses incurred by the breach of the obligations assumed and for the General Conditions of Transport or as a result of the User’s negligence, and SkyBox expressly disclaims any responsibility for inherent damage and losses in the above and any possible penalties that customs, postal administrations and other public bodies may impose on the User for the content of their shipments.

9 - SkyBox reserves the right to inspect the correspondence and/or merchandise delivered for its Users in order to determine whether they comply with current national and international regulations, as well as the General Conditions of Transport. The inspection does not guarantee that the shipment is likely to enter another country without violating the customs regulations in force in that territory or in others that it has to pass through to be transported to the destination.

10 - SkyBox shall be responsible for the User’s documents or shipments while they are under its custody for a maximum of sixty (60) days as of the reliable report of receipt in its warehouse. Upon expiry of this term, the User’s correspondence and/or merchandise shall be immune from any claim, unless a written request for an extension before the expiration date, which shall be subject to additional charges for storage. In the event the User reasonably contended that his correspondence and/or merchandise was lost due to neglect by SkyBox, its agents and/or officials, the responsibility may not extend to damages or losses, direct or indirect, suffered as a result of this, or to the loss of earnings and revenue or profit. The reasonable period used for search and delivery of lost documents and/or shipments shall not be considered as late delivery.

11 - There will be a surcharge of 3% on all goods to be transported for insurance, to a maximum of US $5,000. For the purposes of determining the value of a document, its restitution or replacement value shall be considered at the time and place of shipment, and this value should not be relevant to the User’s commercial use should it become a loss.

12 - SkyBox accepts no responsibility if: 1) the loss, damage, delay, missing delivery or non delivery has been caused by the negligence of third parties; 2) the loss, damage, delay, missing delivery or non delivery has been caused by the act, neglect or omission of the shipper, receiver or any other party other than SkyBox related to transport, 3) if any violation exists on the part of the sender or recipient for any of the terms of this agreement or for any current national or international regulations, 4) the loss, damage, delay, missing delivery or non delivery was the result of force majeure, act of God, perils of the air, uproars, strikes, civil commotion, riots, revolutions, incidents related to a state of war, weather or technical conditions, etc.

13 - The User’s claims for delay, loss, missing delivery or non delivery shall be made in writing before the SkyBox office within fifteen (15) days following the date of receipt at the offices of Miami or Madrid. After this time, no claims may be made. No claim shall be considered until all transport costs have been paid. The amount related to or expressed in any of these claims may not be deducted from transport costs owed to SkyBox.

14 - SkyBox is not air carrier in terms of the Warsaw Convention of 1929 and subsequent international treaties and acts only as an agent for its Users, by dispatching correspondence and/or merchandise in airlines for its transport. This does not waive SkyBox’s right to receive compensation from any airline for loss, damage or expense incurred by it or any of its Users, whose rights are subrogated in their favor, with the express consent thereof.

15 - SkyBox does not assume any responsibility whatsoever for the products the shops offer, where the Users acquire goods through catalogs, websites or any other means of commercial exhibition, or for delays in shipments to the physical address of the User in Miami or Madrid, as well as for the packaging type, size, weight or quality of the same, rendering only the services outlined in the General Conditions of Transport.

16 - This agreement is valid for one year, being automatically renewed at maturity in the absence of written notification from the User thirty (30) days prior to expiry. Furthermore, this agreement may be terminated by either party with written notice thirty (30) days in advance. If the termination is produced by the User, the subscription fee or proportion thereof will not be refunded.