SkyBox it is categorized by the United States Postal Office (USPS) as a Commercial Mail Reception Agency (CMRA) Thus, USPS certifies that SkyBox works according to all United States guidelines and regulations.

As a fundamental requirement, United States Government, has indicated that every SkyBox incumbent customer and his authorized customers, must present a Form (1583), along with two identity leaves or badges, one with a photograph and other supplementary.

By this way, you will be affiliated to USPS creating a registry in the United States, that can be useful in case you need to do formalities in that country.

Not being registered allows USPS to reserve the right to NOT deliver your purchases in our Miami offices and return them to the supplier.

If you still haven't completed your USPS 1583 form be kind to print it out, sign it, and attend to the nearest SkyBox Office in order to carry out with every requirement. Or, get in touch with our SkyBox Customer Service Department and our agents will be pleased to attend you.

By subscribing to SKYBOX you accept all Terms and Conditions from USPS to address your purchases through the American Post Office, and SkyBox is not responsible under any circumstance for UNDELIVERED purchases through USPS.